Who are we ?

We are two sisters with a passion for craftsmanship, linked both by blood and by our shared love of world cultures. What makes our company unique is that one of us has lived in Mexico for over 20 years, while the other is based in France. This geographical duality enriches our work and our proposals.

Yolaine, residing in Mexico, dove deep into the local culture, soaked up the artistic atmosphere and formed close ties with Mexican artisans. Her daily experience allows her to intimately understand the cultural significance and historical significance of each handcrafted piece. On the other side, Capucine, in France, brings a different perspective as a bridge between artisans in Mexico and French homes, ensuring that handcrafted treasures fit harmoniously into their interiors.

This family connection across two beautiful countries and the common passion we share gave birth to our business. Together we created Mimande, which offers a unique selection of carefully chosen artisanal pieces, filled with history and authenticity.

Our goal is to help you discover the richness of craftsmanship from elsewhere. We offer unique creations descending from ancestral know-how such as pieces made from pine needles, embroidered textiles or ceramics. Each piece we offer is handmade, with meticulous attention to detail and quality.

On our e-commerce site, you can explore our catalog and learn more about each piece as well as the community that created it. We want our customers to understand the positive impact of every purchase, supporting artisans and preserving artisanal traditions.

By choosing to support our business, you are joining our family adventure which combines our passion for craftsmanship, our strong family bond and our desire to make a positive difference to the artisan communities with which we collaborate.

Yolaine & Capucine