Our artisan communities

The Otomi community

The Otomi community, an indigenous group in Mexico, embodies a rich history and unique culture . Their exceptional craftsmanship , particularly the colorful embroidery, is a testimony to their ancestral know-how .

Passed down from generation to generation, the artisanal traditions of the Otomis are a true cultural treasure. Their embroidered patterns tell deep and symbolic stories, closely linked to nature, animals and ancestors.
Otomi embroidery is distinguished by its bright colors , meticulous details and artistic expression . Each piece is created by hand with love, revealing the talent and creativity of the artisans.

By supporting the Otomi community and its crafts, you preserve their culture and promote local economic development.
Each purchase of an Otomi product is recognition of the exceptional work accomplished by these talented artisans .

Whether through embroidered cushions, traditional clothing or other handicrafts, Otomi craftsmanship brings unique beauty , captivating history and true cultural essence to your daily life.
Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Otomi culture and invite a part of their heritage into your home.

The Mazahua communities

In the heart of the mountains of Mexico lies a cultural treasure, the Mazahua people, undisputed masters of the art of embroidery , a tradition passed down from generation to generation. Their skillful hands embroider stories of their history and identity through textile creations . Each piece embodies the beauty of nature, with designs inspired by mountains, wildflowers and centuries-old traditions .

For the Mazahuas, embroidery is much more than an artisanal skill, it is a way to preserve their culture , strengthen their community and perpetuate their deep connection to the land.

Choosing Mazahuas textile products means directly supporting this community of talented artisans, thus contributing to the preservation of their cultural heritage , the economic development of their region and the promotion of a respectful approach to nature .
Discover the extraordinary know-how of the communities of Miahuatlan, San Juan Xoconusco, Chirimollo and Palito Verde , who perpetuate an ancient art of creating unique objects from Moctezuma pine needles more than 25 cm long.

Each piece is the result of a meticulous process that can take several days of work and begins with the careful collection of pine needles that have fallen to the ground. After selecting the best needles, the artisans carefully sort them to guarantee their quality . Next, the needles are washed to remove any impurities and ensure a clean base for the creation .

Braiding then begins, where artisans use the needles while still wet to allow better handling and skillful braiding . This technique allows you to obtain specific patterns and shapes, thus creating unique and authentic pieces .

Each creation testifies to the commitment of these communities to preserve their culture and to offer high quality products .